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We’ve Got You Covered For Auto, Life, And Homeowners Insurance. Get A Free Quote Today! Let Premium Brokerage Services Help Protect You, Your Loved Ones And The Life You’ve Built.

Get A Free Insurance Quote!

We’ve Got You Covered For Auto, Life, And Homeowners Insurance. Get A Free Quote Today! Let Premium Brokerage Services Help Protect You, Your Loved Ones And The Life You’ve Built.

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Our Agency

Our agency can provide you and your family with quality insurance for your personal, business and financial needs. Our knowledgeable agents can help your find affordable and reliable car insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance or life insurance.

Our focus is to help our clients protect their assets. We believe in being local and we strive to improve the communities where we live and work.


Insurances Tailored For You

We compare quotes for car, home, life, travel insurance, and more to find great deals and prices.

Life Insurance

When you want to provide financial security to those who matter most to you, our life insurance is a good place to start.

Car Insurance

Premium Brokerage Services offers additional coverages to help protect you and your car.

Business Insurance

Business insurance, also known as commercial insurance, helps protect business owners from unexpected losses.

Home Insurance

Home Owners Insurance is designed to protect your home and contents against the most common threats you may face.

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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

If you would like to discuss your insurance questions with us directly, give us a call at 718-899-4000.

Why should I consider life insurance?

There are many important reasons one should consider life insurance. For one, the peace of mind in knowing that if anything were to happen to you, expenses would be covered and not become the responsibility of friends and family. Life insurance can also help your children with their education and any additional expenses they may encounter.

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance is required when purchasing a home. Homeowners insurance provides funds in the event that something happens to your home. Whether it be a fire, lightning, windstorms and even hail. Additional insurance would need to be purchased for flood if the home was in a flood zone.

Why do I need car insurance?

Car insurance is required when you own or lease a vehicle. There are different car insurance plans depending on your specific situation. You may need more extensive coverage when leasing a vehicle as opposed to financing a vehicle. Car insurance covers damage to your vehicle and protects you financially if you are liable for someone else’s damage or injuries.

Why is it important to buy business insurance?

Business insurance is essential for protecting your companies assets as well as its intellectual property, physical property, property damage, theft and vandalism. There are multiple types of business insurances to acquire depending on your business’ specific needs.

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